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Is my patient’s hearing loss caused by a genetic mutation? Will my patient be able to bear children? Is my patient and her partner at risk of transmitting any genetic diseases to their children?


Your patient has a family history of hearing loss. They seek to identify the possible risk of hearing loss in future offspring.


Your patient is planning to start a family. What, if any, genetic diseases, are the couple at risk of transmitting to their children? And, can anything be done about it?


Your patient has been unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant. Perhaps, she’s undergone genetic testing but still…

No conclusive results.

What are the options? Are there options?

Dygenic offers your patients options AND answers.

Choosing excellence over volume

Dygenic offers your patients comprehensive and superior quality genetic screening panels for hearing loss, carrier screening and syndromic and non-syndromic infertility issues.
That’s it.
Because all our time and resources are spent on these three specific genetic panels, you and your patients benefit through:


Robust Testing

thorough and robust screening covering ALL currently known at risk genes related to hearing loss and infertility.


knowledgeable support and direction from our clinical team throughout the entire testing process

Genetic Advancements

the latest, cutting edge genetic discoveries integrated into panels as soon as they become available.

“Increased knowledge of potential genetic outcomes through carrier screening allows individuals to make informed decisions and plans around pregnancy based on personal values.”

“Since such a high percentage of hearing loss has a genetic contribution… there is increasing evidence to show that a genetics-first approach… has many benefits and is a cost-effective way to manage the clinical care of individuals with hearing loss,” says Ian Krantz, MD, attending physician in the division of genetics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

February 2019 – Volume 72 – Issue 2 > The Hearing Journal – Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss Empowers Audiology Practice

Help your patients improve their chances of leading a quality life

Comprehensive Hearing Loss and Deafness Panel

Infertility Sequencing Panel

Comprehensive Hearing Loss and Deafness Panel

Dygenic’s all-inclusive hearing loss and deafness panel works to identify genetic causes of early onset sensorineural hearing loss. It also provides otologists insight into the etiology of their patients’ hearing impairment. Armed with this information, they can best guide their patients regarding the future.

Infertility Sequencing Panel

Infertility is a disorder of the reproductive system that affects 10-20% of couples worldwide and is generally attributed equally to males and females. Infertility evaluations can be an emotional and financial burden for couples.
At Dygenic, in conjunction with MVL labs, we are committed to easing their burdens by helping couples find genetic answers quickly and conclusively. In one extensive panel, we offer screening for both syndromic as well as non-syndromic infertility.

The welfare of your patients is our highest priority.

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Our board-certified genetic counselors are easily accessible throughout the testing process to reply to all inquiries. They are available to review test selection, discuss patient options, and, if necessary, speak to your patients directly.